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Sierra Drywall is a full-service Drywall and Steel Stud Framing Contractor. Sierra Drywall was founded in 2000 and currently operates within a 70-mile radius from our home base in Simi Valley, CA. Our team is comprised of trained craftsmen that are highly skilled, friendly, and courteous professionals in their field of work.  We work closely with our customers in the mid-range commercial and high-end residential drywall industry sectors to make sure every job site is operated to the highest industry standards each and every day.


Through our commitment to “hyper-customer service”, employment of top-notch skilled labor, focus on quality standards, core management capability and employee skills development, Sierra Drywall is able to nurture and grow its client- base to build revenue and profit growth year over year.


Sierra Drywall embraces the ideal that ever-growing profits are earned and are the result of our customer’s gratification for the services we provide. By executing this philosophy, we are able to build a company comprised of the best employees compensated with above average wages that, in turn, allows Sierra Drywall to thrive and grow, always meeting and striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.


Sierra Drywall recognizes that there are fundamental business ideals that, when executed properly provide, not only for company profitability, but for the fulfillment of other aspects in life. These constructs provide the building blocks which Sierra Drywall is founded upon and include self-improvement, jobs for the community, meaningful relationships, balanced livelihood, career development and gratification for work well done.


Sierra Drywall has extensive experience in providing these services to our clients for over 20 years.


Here are a few of many construction projects we have completed for our customers.


We Are Experts

Sierra Drywall has been providing expert services to our clients for over 20 years. We carefully review the plans and specifications on each project for our clients offering valuable feedback that improves quality and assures fair and accurate pricing.

We Know Our Business

We pride ourselves on communicating with clients to make sure they are accommodated every step of the way through their construction projects.

We Provide Excellent Work On Time

Our goal is to help you meet and exceed your project schedules and deadlines. We know your life gets easier and stress free when we keep or exceed our promises. Completion of your project schedule on time is as important to us as it is to you


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