Sierra Drywall has experience in all areas of drywall installation and finish. We excel in custom homes involving high levels of finish and detail. Sierra Drywall also offers Soundproofing, Shadow Mold and Reglet installation that is often required in our Custom Home projects

Services we provide


  • Level 5 Finish

  • Sound and Fire Rated Assemblies

  • Kerf Metal

  • Shadow and Custom Mold

  • Mud In Can Light Rings

  • Mud In HVAC Diffusers

Suspended Ceiling

  • Drop Drywall Ceiling

  • Soffits

  • Shade Pockets

Exterior Sheathing

  • Exterior Sheathing Exterior Drywall

  • Dens Glass

Steel Stud Framing

  • Fireplace Facade

  • Soffits

  • Shade Pockets

Acoustics and Sound Proofing Services

This is a condo, and the owner could hear their neighbor walking around above them.

After receiving an Acoustical Engineers report with instructions, the existing ceiling was demoed. Sierra Drywall installed Keene Cylent Assurance Isolation Clips, RC 1 Channel, Quiet Rock isolation boxes at all can lights. The ceiling received 2 Layers 5/8” Type C drywall with a ¼” gap filled with acoustical sealant at all perimeters.

Cost Of Project

Contact us to estimate the initial cost of the remodeling project.

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